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Create Epic Outdoor Spaces With Our Deck Replacement and Porch Replacement Services

One of the good things about living in the Puget Sound area is the flurry of outdoor activities that are available to residents and visitors. From kayaking to bird watching, our region is the perfect place for outdoor adventure. Most property owners want to keep the good times going even after they come home exhausted from an exhilarating hike in the Moran State Park or at Gold Creek Waterfall.

A renovated deck or porch gives you a chance to enjoy nature without leaving your property. Pro Decks NW specializes in rejuvenating outdoor spaces with our signature deck replacement and porch replacement services. Out-of-town family and friends hinting for an invite to your home for the summer tourist season? Impress them with a beautiful space to grill, eat, and relax.

Give Your Home Party Appeal With a Deck Replacement

Benefits of an Attractive Deck

Stuck with an old, unsightly deck in your yard? What’s the reason that you haven’t gotten rid of it? It’s likely because you know a few of the benefits of deck ownership.

As a reminder, here are some of them:

  • Creates Instant Outdoor Living Space

    Outdoor kitchens and living rooms are trends that are taking the home improvement world by storm. However, not everyone has the space or budget to go all out with custom-made outdoor kitchen and seating areas. Installing a replacement deck allows you to use existing yard space for outdoor cooking and seating. The installation process is fast, and the project is more cost effective than many other outdoor living space alternatives.
  • Aesthetic Appeal

    When newer decks are well-maintained, they add a touch of class to yards. It doesn’t matter whether your home has a traditional design or features modern architectural details, adding a deck brings beauty to the space.
  • Adds Space for Hosting Family Gatherings

    Cozy gatherings with loved ones make life worth living. By replacing your deck, you’ll give your guests more space to relax and fellowship as your home fills up with visitors during the dinner hour.

Signs That You Need a New Deck

  • Advanced Fading and Widespread Discoloration

    While an ugly deck is an eyesore, minor discoloration and fading can be fixed with tried-and-true deck restoration techniques. However, widespread fading and discoloration are indicators that your deck’s wood is rotten and in need of full replacement.
  • Rotten Posts

    Deck posts are the vertical pieces of timber that support the deck’s structure. If your deck’s posts are rotten, its entire frame will become unable to safely support the weight of people, grills, or outdoor furnishings.
  • Extensive Surface Damage

    If you’ve inherited a very old deck, it’s likely that it has some surface damage. When surface damage is extensive, the deck may no longer be structurally sound. You’ll want to replace the deck to avoid safety issues.


When a quality deck repair or restoration isn’t an option, it’s time to look at some deck replacement alternatives. You have numerous styles from which to choose that include free-standing decks, multi-tier decks, and decks that are built in exotic shapes. One of the most important decisions that you’ll make regarding your new deck is its material type.

Here are some of the most popular materials for decks:


Exotic wood such as Ipe or Batu is known for its durability and extraordinary beauty. Not even man-made decking can replace the unique look of a Brazilian hardwood deck. Many exotic woods are also known to be low-maintenance due to their strength and durability. 


Cedar decking has long been a top choice for decks with its natural beauty and affordability. If well-maintained, you can expect your cedar deck to last upwards of 25 years. Cedar is also naturally insect, decay, and weather resistant. 


PVC decking is entirely synthetic, making it the most rot, mold, and weather resistant decking on the market. These low-maintenance decks last a lifetime and come with the best manufacturer's warranty available. 


Composite decks are made of a PVC and wood finer blend. Composite materials resist rot, fading, and pest infestation better than wood decks. Pro Decks NW specializes in composite deck installations that have the beautiful look and texture of real wood. Our TimberTech AZEK composite decks are a fan favorite.

Add Value to Your Home With a Porch Replacement

Benefits of a Porch

A front porch improves your home’s function and curb appeal. A back porch gives you extra livable space to dine and entertain guests. Both types of porches add value to your home and attract buyers when it’s time to sell your place.

Signs That You Need a New Porch

  • Rotted porch decking is a sure sign that your front or back porch’s best days are behind it. You’ll often need to replace everything from the porch’s floor joists to its surface deck planks. Consider our TimberTech porch boards that feature tongues and grooves that deliver a tight, no-gap look for your porch floor.
  • While porch floors are the first things that people notice upon inspection, a neglected porch roof can cause any number of problems for property owners. A sagging or stained porch roof is a sign of water damage. If the roof is structurally unsound, it can collapse on you or a loved one at any time.
  • Compromised porch posts are other indicators that your porch is missing the support that it needs to remain a safe, viable seating area.

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